Let Intelligent Graffiti bring your office to life! We will work with your team to design a mural that bring a real energy to your offices. From conference rooms to company lounges our murals will totally transform your office space.

One of the best ways to turn a business into a unique space your customers will love stepping foot in is through a mural that best defines your brand and establishment. We will work with you to craft a mural that works best with the essence of your business.


NYC Mini Storage

Smoke Shop Mural

We were brought on by a smoke shop to paint all the walls in their space.  This was a great collaboration to bring not only add a ton of awesome color into the environment, but to also paint a handful of fun cartoon characters.  In addition, we also replicated some popular smoke product logos on […]

Anamorphic “Work Liquid” Mural

This unique anamorphic mural for the office over at Grind Spaces, a co-working platform offered an interesting opportunity to paint a mural on variety of surfaces that came together when viewed from one particular vantage point in the office.  This was a really great project and one that required thinking outside the box while planning […]

Harvestmark Office Mural

Harvestmark, a company that connects local farmers with supermarkets for distribution of produce asked us to come in to the offices and create a mural that helped tell the story of their brand.  Not only did we paint these fresh fruits as well as the company logo, but we were able to paint this fun […]

Golf Themed Man Cave

A client’s request to have a golf themed mural painted in their home brought a ton of personality to their man cave.  We worked alongside the client to generate a golf themed design which depicted a variety of famous quotes about the sport they love.  This hand painted lettering incorporated a ton of different fonts […]

Paint Pour Sip Mural

We were asked to come in and paint this really fun mural for Paint N’ Pour on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.  The mural depicts a variety of different iconic themes associated with the neighborhood.  The imagery we chose to work with overlaps nicely without giving a cluttered feel.  The painting was a lot […]

Cafe Wha

Cafe Wha is an iconic establishment in Manhattan where over the years countless famous musicians got their start in the music business.  The owners were excited to have us come in and paint a series of walls in the space that helped to liven up the atmosphere and pay homage to some of the most […]

Sports Themed Home Gym

  We were contacted by a client who wanted to add imagery of all of his sports heroes throughout a gym he was building in his home. We worked with the client to create a series of images that worked appropriately for each wall of the space. Mostly done with brush as opposed to spray […]

Tomi Office Mural

  Tomi is a company that specializes in cryptocurrency and NFT trading.  They had us come into their offices and paint a variety of different well known NFT illustrations on a main wall in the space.  We incorporated the NYC skyline with a sunset featuring Tomi’s brand colors to tie everything together.  This was a […]


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