All of our graffiti artists have well over a decade of experience working with spray paint.  Depending on the project, you will be connected with the appropriate painter, or designer to meet your needs.

For most artwork we use all high quality(https://www.montana-cans.com) artist brand acrylic spray paints.  When necessary, to avoid odors some murals and live painting done indoors are created with non-toxic water and sugar based paints( http://www.montanacolors.com/webapp/spray?id=560)

We find that each job is different.  Pricing is always based on square footage and complexity of the project.  In order to give a proper quote, we will need to see:

  • The square footage of the wall(s)
  • Sample images of the type of concept you want painted
  • Your general budget (if possible) so we can adjust the complexity accordingly

This varies from job to job, but most small to medium sized projects are generally completed within 1-3 days of actual painting.

Of course! In fact we can paint on nearly any surface you can think of.  In addition to creating canvases privately, we also do live paintings for parties and events.

Many clients know exactly what they want, or have an idea of the concept they are searching for.  Once a contract is secured, we provide you with a round of sample designs and one round of revisions.  Any further revisions require separate billing. 

The paints we use are of a very high quality and will last for years and years.  While we do not clear coat murals, some clients have done so after the mural has been completed.

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