How long will the mural take to complete?

Each mural is unique so it’s impossible to say exactly how long it will take. Most murals take 1-2 days to complete. Projects with multiple walls may take longer.

How will I know what the mural looks like before you paint it?

Great question! Once we secure a contract with you, we will produce a series of digitally mocked up designs with up to two rounds of revisions. Once you have approved the design, this is exactly what we will come and paint.

Do the paints smell?

We try to minimize the amount of spray paints we use for our murals so there is less of a smell. Within 24 hours there will be absolutely no smell.

Will the artwork fade if I want a mural outdoors?

We use extremely high-quality paints that will last for decades. Natural weathering is something that will occur over time. Some of our clients choose to clear coat their murals once we have completed the artwork.

How much do you charge for mural painting?

Since each mural is unique, no two murals are priced the same. The pricing is always determined by the size of the mural, complexity of the artwork, and how long we anticipate it will take to design the mural. Contact us and we can provide you with a quote once we connect!

What is your experience painting?

Intelligent Graffiti was born out of our passion for street art in the early 1990’s. Each of our artists are well-established and have an authentic background within the graffiti culture. Our goal is to bring that same authentic touch to your home or business with vibrant, eye-catching murals. Read more about our journey here.

Do you paint canvas in addition to walls?

We do, in fact we can paint on nearly any surface you can think of. In addition to creating canvases privately, we also do live paintings for parties and events.